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Original Painting #21 - Six Fan Arts - Super Seconds Festival

Hi! Welcome to my first ever sale of original art seconds as part of Super Seconds Festival! These illustrations are original ink, gouache and pencil drawings and paintings on high quality watercolour or card stock.

With your purchase you will receive your unique art piece in the post, signed by the artist Emmeline Pidgen. Each piece is one of a kind, and a rare opportunity to get your hands on unique original artwork by Emmeline!

I'm selling these at reduced prices as part of Super Seconds Festival. There's only one of each, so act quickly if you're interested!

These pieces are items I have held onto for a long time, but I think deserve a special place in someone's home. They are pieces I left unfinished, original linework I then took into digital colouring, paintings that didn't quite match my vision, and pieces I just don't have room for in my studio. Each is special and unique - I hope they find happy homes!

Here's a brief description of this piece: Six Fan Arts is an original ink painting by Emmeline Pidgen. It features striking black ink characters, painted as original linework for my Six Fan Arts illustration. Characters featured are: Luna Lovegood, the angry Goose, Yaskier from The Witcher, Robin and Steve from Stranger Things, Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn 99 and Alice In Wonderland. This is a rare chance to own a part of a finished illustration by Emmeline! The piece is A4 size, painted on smooth 300gsm watercolour paper stock.

Any questions, pop me a message.

Original art is shipped tracked and posted within 48 hours of your order.

Enjoy your one-of-a-kind illustration!

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