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Shebeen Queen Riso Print A3

297mm x 420mm
“Originally shebeens (from the Irish “síbín”, a term for an illicit bar where alcohol would be sold without a licence) were run by women called Shebeen Queens. The Shebeen Queens would sell homebrewed alcohol and provide patrons with a place to meet and discuss political and social issues. Currently, shebeens are legal in South Africa and have become an integral part of South African urban culture."

One of the quirks and charms of Risograph Printing is that often colours (which are printed in individual layers) can have unique registration, and variations in pigmentation - which means each print is completely unique, sometimes beautifully imperfect with a real hand-made feel. Please note and embrace possible imperfections when ordering!

A3 size (297mm x 420mm)
Hand signed in pencil by the artist, Emmeline Pidgen.

Please note print not supplied with frame.
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